Dodge Magnum Police Cars

The Dodge Magnum Police car and Dodge Magnum Police Edition are municipal vehicles available for the first time at online police car auction. With the wagon style body, this car is an evolution from the more popular charger model employed in most municipalities nowadays. With a 5.7L 340hp HEMI, 18" wheel covers, AM/FM with factory CD player, 8-way power seat, stealth mode, and police edition extras, it is no wonder this is a highly desirable car at a below factory price.

Buying Used Dodge Magnum Police Edition Vehicles at significant discounts is for several reasons. What it comes down to is two reasons: one, the auction formats lets people decide on a price, ie a bargain price. Two, cosmetic reasons. Some police vehicles may still look like a cop car, whether its black and white, or white and blue. It may still have the stickers, or sticker residue. These simple things make it go for thousands under its retail value.

Used Dodge Magnum Police Cars For Sale

The Police Car Auctions appreciates your participation in finding great condition super charged Dodge Magnum Police Vehicles. Magnum not what you wanted? Check out the other vehicles to the left or search for your vehicle to your right.

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